We categorize the pearls quality according to:

  1. Shape - baroque, rice shape, potato round, buttom round, bread round, near round, round, perfect round
  2. Grade
    AAA – Pearl has strong brightness and clean surface
    AA – Pearl has strong brightness and pearl surface with flower skin (little flaws on surface)
    A - Pearl has good luster and the pearl surface with thread (obvious flaws on pearl surface)
  3. Size – it is measered in mm, usually 7 – 11 mm
  4. Pearl luster – good, strong, very strong

How to recognize a real pearl
The first step you can take is to touch them and feel the temperature. Real pearls are cold to touch for the first couple of seconds before warming up against your skin.
Luster, Surface Characteristics and Matching
When you examine real pearls closely or under magnification, you’ll notice tiny irregularities and ridges on each pearl’s surface. In a strand of cultured pearls, you can always see very tiny differences between them, even when they are top quality and well matched. If the pearls are completely perfect and identical in terms of shape, size, colour and surface characteristics, they are probably fake.
Choose the right part of your tooth
Bite them… slide your teeth back and forth over the pearl. You will feel the grainy texture.